rota da montanha

In this mountain route you will know the largest volcanic cave subterranean origin, with incredible geological formations and adventure.

rota da costa

Come and discover the breathtaking scenery of Pico Island through a walk along its coast. Let yourself be surprised by the Coast Route.

rota da vinha

The Vineyard Route has a fantastic Protected Landscape of the Pico Island Vineyard, classified as Unesco World Heritage.

rota do por do sol

Sunset Route blends in with the setting of the sunset, against the background of Faial Island, while sipping a refreshing drink.

rota noturna

Enjoy the beauty of Pico’s night-time: the rising moon, starry skies, shooting stars and nocturnal fauna and flora.

rota do amanhecer

On the Dawn Route you can see the dazzling sunrise on Pico Island and the colors that quickly envelop the landscape.